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Physicals are here...

Thanks to our friends at Two Foot Parade, we now have cassette tapes of our EP Visions now! 


Click the button below to get your tape now! 

Visions EP

Visions of who you were, who you could have been, who you want to be. Do you know who you are now? Is this discovery an active experience or something to be set aside and let happen? Are you on your own or are we in this together?

Visions is Basic Comfort’s reflection on the answers and outcomes in life that we all seek and seek to avoid. It takes our biggest fears and brightest futures and packages them into a quartet of songs that will leave you on the brink of a new understanding while simultaneously bopping your head and grooving to the beat.

Visions_DIGITAL_DIST_Art-01 (1).png

Live Performance

"Although their name and vibe might fool you, Kalamazoo five-piece Basic Comfort challenge the moment we’re living in right now" - Revue Magazine


Music Video

"Comforting in drips of dreams and vibrance, the Michigan-based band of nostalgia of the recent, treks through folders of thoughts and shining love stints. Love is in the air if you want. If you want, love can conquer all." - COME HERE FLOYD

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